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APM Technologies (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.

#7, Link Information Industry Park
Shuilianshan Road, Nancheng,
Dongguan, Guangdong,

Tel: +86 769-22028588
Fax: +86 769-22026771
E-Mail: overseas@apmtech.cn

Kontakt Verkauf:
Tel: +86 769-22028588-2892
E-Mail: mk892@apmtech.cn

Kontakt Technik:
Tel: +86 769-22028588-6663
E-Mail: cs001@apmtech.cn

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ISO 9001:2015 (10.2018 – 10.2021)
ISO 17025:2005 (11.2018 – 11.2019)

Nachfolgend die nicht übersetzte Unternehmensbeschreibung übermittelt von APM-Technologies:

APM Technologies (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. (2016 – 2019) is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the production, research, development, (R&D) and distribution of programmable power supplies, automated testing systems, automated manufacturing equipment, marine smart systems (MSS) and PV solar inverters. Our company has complete systems in product planning, research & development, laboratory experiment, testing, and quality control. In addition, we have passed the ISO 9001 standard certification (2018 – 2021). APM Technologies R&D team consists of more than 100 employees encompassing Ph.D. and master degree holders as well as senior experts in the related industries. By collaborating with a number of domestic and international research teams and maintaining a long term strategic cooperation with leading colleges and universities, our company can ensure products and services are leading the industry. Through applying our professional techniques and technologies to continually innovate and break through, so far APM Technologies has applied for a number of invention patents and already obtained a number of utility patents, design patents, software copyrights and other related patents. Our products have passed the CE, VDE, SAA, CQC, CSA, FCC, ROSH, etc. certifications. APM Technologies from the beginning to the present, and from the past to the future, has always uphold the company spirit of “Constant Pursuit of Excellence” so as to provide our customers with the ” 24 Hours a Day of Continuing Services “.

Enterprise Culture 

Company Philosophy:
APM Technologies follows the objective of achieving automated and smart systems and has a comprehensive and systematic research, marketing and service system. From product development and marketing to sales and after-sales service, every stage is uphold the service concept of APM Technologies to provide 24 hours a day of continuing services to our customers. We aim for 365 days a year’s unremitting technological innovation for the pursuit of leading-edge technology and to incessantly meet our customer needs.

Company Vision:
APM Technologies is a market-orientated and quality-based company that combines technological innovation with customer needs, and integrates product research, marketing and services into the core of its business. Our initial goal is to establish the brand of APM Technologies through technology, management and the unremitting efforts of our sales and customer services personnel, and further to become a world-class complete solution provider in the electronics assembly, manufacturing equipment, automation and special-purpose power supply industries.

R&D Strength  

APM Technologies (DongGuan) Co., Ltd has a strong R&D ability and has invested in establishing an advanced research laboratory as well as forming an innovative R&D team that has obtained a number of patents for the APM product ranges. The APM’s R&D team not only continuously draws in advanced technologies from the local & overseas and to integrate those technologies into our company products to produce a number of high-standard products, but also fills the existing technological gaps in the industry in China. By focusing on these advanced technological innovations, APM has become the R&D platform that is making use of self-developed as well as world-class leading-edge technologies.

APM’s advanced R&D facilities, passionate, dedicated senior expert team, and supports from relevant sections of the community not only have become the strong backing for our company to pursuit a continuous innovation and becoming a leader in the industry, but also enable us to achieve our company motto “Professional, Innovation, Good Brand and Excellent Services”.

Allocation of APM’s R&D Resources:
APM Technologies focuses on R&D by putting in a lot of manpower, financial and material resources so that to develop and upgrade APM product ranges as well as to build a platform of global technology, talent, experience and quality management.

APM Technologies R&D Team:
APM Technologies has always been making technological innovation as the foundation of company business development, striving to develop intelligent automated machines and special power supplies that are high performance, low emission and low energy consuming for our customers. We meet our customer’s requirements through offering them our high quality products and customer service. APM Technologies has a large technical development team. Our company has accumulated enough experiences in handling a complete production regarding R&D, prototyping, mass manufacturing, project management, test specifications, quality control standards and a full range of ideas of intelligent automated machines and special power supplies.

APM is Establishing Research Alliances:
APM Technologies adheres to the principle of seeking for common ground, harmony and win-win strategies. Under the supports of the local authority and communities of all levels in the Dongguan district, our company is committed to combine production, learning and research into one for the purpose of creating its own technologically innovative platform. Based on such a platform, APM Technologies promises to establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership in areas regarding R&D, testing and production of intelligent automated machines and special power supplies, in cooperative with many famous universities and research institutions worldwide.

Quality Control

APM Technologies (DongGuan) Co., Ltd upholds quality to win trust, builds product branding and promotes business development in the fields of R&D and production of intelligent automated machines and special power supplies, while emphasizing on innovation and R&D to enabling our company to closely follow existing and future market demands. APM Technologies adheres to these four critical guidelines, namely “critical thinking, rigorous operation, strict inspection and serious verification” in every stage of the production processes and quality control of the company products to ensure that every APM product is perfect or with “zero defect”.

Allocation of APM Productive Resources: 
APM Technologies from the day it got established till today, through investing continuously in the areas of R&D in products and the related production technologies, combining with the great efforts of our experienced engineers, APM’s intelligent automated machines and special power supply products are featured by high performance and cost effectiveness, thus, our company products are highly praised in the industry as well as by our customers. APM Technologies is adhered to technological development as core of the company, focused on holding intellectual property rights and creating own branding. At present, we have already got multiple product patents.

APM’s Product Quality Guarantee: 
APM Technologies has set up dedicated departments strictly to control and monitor the quality of company products. Every APM product has to be tested and controlled strictly in accordance with our related quality control standards before it is released to the market for sales. This is to ensure each APM product has passed the related performance testing, safety certification, EMC testing, reliability testing and all other necessary quality control testings as we manage to provide qualified products to all our customers.


A strong talent pool is the cornerstone of production innovation, science and technology improvement and corporation prosperity. Since the establishment of APM Technologies (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., we have made a long term plan to build a staff team with professional knowledge, excellent work ability and innovation spirit. Laying stress on employers’ development, we provide comprehensive training system, humanized management and good working conditions so as to achieve harmonious development of both the employer and employees.

As a professional group, we have workers with strong technical background; as a young dynamic group, we are committed to high-technology industry, devoting our passion, energy and pioneering spirit. As a responsible group holding ambitious goals, we work on automatic equipment and special power supplies with the purpose of saving resources, improving production efficiency, relieving people from heavy work, and contributing to a harmonious hospitable living environment. We keep serving our customers and the community we operate.

Sales Team:
Emphasizing on providing timely, exclusive and comprehensive services to all our customers, APM Technologies keeps on improving its service system and raising service standards to create greater value to our customers. In addition to two offices in south China and east China, we will successively set up a number of marketing service points in the local china and overseas, after sales and selling services available in a short time.

Research and Development Team:
APM Technologies has built a sophisticated talent team encompassing a R&D team with experts and specialists in automatic and special power industries. Under the guideline of integrating independent development, technology import and cooperation with other scientific research organizations, we have established productive relationships with university research institution, renowned companies and other scientific organizations on product design and test as well as new product development.

Quality Control Team: 
APM Technologies quality control team is composed of qualified personnel with rich experience in automatic and power products quality tests. They demonstrate stringent quality checks on every production link from material testing and production control to equipment test, ensuring optimum products reach every customer.

Marketing Team:
APM Technologies marketing team shoulders the responsibility of pre-sales and after-sales consultations together with marketing promotion. Through multiple connection methods like internet, telephone, MSN, WhatsApp, QQ, Skype, fax and email, we deliver efficient services to customers all around the world.