Auto-Ranging Laboratory Power Supply 0 ... 305V 0 ... 10A 850W - DP305-10-850HA

1.670,00  Net
1.987,30  incl. VAT

DSC-Electronics Germany's DP-HA Series Programmable Auto-Ranging Laboratory Power Supplies are particularly versatile thanks to auto-ranging and a wide range of digital connection options. The auto-ranging functionality significantly expands the output value range by dynamically adapting it to the maximum output power, allowing the power supply to deliver maximum power in both high voltage, low current and low voltage, high current applications. Support for Modbus RTU and SCPI protocols also facilitates integration into any existing infrastructure. In summary, the laboratory power supply DP-HA Series is an excellent all-rounder in the lab and can easily replace several standard laboratory power supplies with different output ranges.

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