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Laborance Germany is a brand and a project of DSC-Electronics Germany (www.dsc-electronics.de) with the aim of offering less well-known manufacturers of high-quality test and measurement technology the opportunity to establish themselves on the market and to convince users that it is not always the name that makes the quality. Our name stands for the quality and reliability of the products sold under the Laborance brand and their manufacturers.

What can we do better than other providers?

As a world-renowned company with years of experience in the development, manufacture and distribution of customised solutions in the field of power supply for industry and the laboratory, we have the necessary competence and know-how to be able to critically test and assess the products and companies we include in our range for high quality, which we certify with the Laborance seal (certificate). 

Every single product offered by us through the Laborance Germany brand, as well as their manufacturers, have been thoroughly tested by us so that we are sure to offer you a high-quality product. And we are so sure of this that we grant our customers, regardless of whether they are business customers or private customers, 14-day cancellation without having to give reasons in addition to a three-year warranty.* Just in case of something going wrong, we will of course take over the repair or maintenance of your product in our factory in Germany, regardless of the country in which the manufacturer is based.

*Products made to order and custom-made products are excluded from the right of cancellation.

Aren't competing against ourselves with DSC-Electronics Germany products and Laborance?

This is a question we are often asked at the beginning, which is why we will will explain it in more detail. With the ever-developing globalisation and networking, it is also becoming easier and cheaper for smaller, less well-known companies to offer their products worldwide. This process cannot and should not be changed, because competition is the driving force of development and innovation. For this reason, we have decided to be part of these changes and to develop a trust mark for end users and companies that stands for quality when selecting testing and measurement technology – this is how the Laborance certificate came into being. 

If you have any questions about our company, the Laborance certificate or our products, please contact our Support and we will be happy to help you. You will also find further documents, our general terms and conditions and certification guidelines in our Downloadarea.